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SALE: For a limited time, purchase a 20 minute reading by phone, get 10 minutes free! You save $25. Payment must be received prior to calling

$50 for 30 minutes .

 I use tarot in combination with psychic abilities. I do not cold read. I will not ask you questions and feed the information back to you. My readings are honest, accurate, and straight to the point. I will not tell you nonsense; such as you need a “spell” to fix your problem, etc. You will get fast, direct answers to your questions. It takes me between 2-3 minutes to read one question and explain everything. I WILL NOT ramble on and on to keep you on the phone. You can ask as many questions as you want, and I will clarify if you need it but I am very direct and to the point in giving you your answers. I do make specific predictions as to what you can expect to happen in all areas of life including relationships, career, finances, business and life. 

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Time is sold in 10 minute blocks. You may purchase as much time as you like. Please allow 24 hours for your appointment although I am often available right away. Payment must be received in advance and clear prior to the reading! Thank you!

10 minute Tarot Reading by Phone $25

20 minute Tarot Reading by Phone $50